Indeed SMB Onboarding Emails

SMB employers are a key market for Indeed. So when the time came to overhaul our onboarding email system, we tailored the experience to showcase all that Indeed has to offer.

Copy by Doan Nguyen, Illustrations by Sean Loose

Indeed SMB Emails-Hero Collage


The previous SMB onboarding email system needed to better communicate Indeed’s value to help both free and paid employers do their hiring. A visual overhaul was also necessary in order to align with Indeed's new rebrand.

Project Goals


Establish Indeed as a true hiring partner, here to help employers with their individual hiring needs.


Provide a well-rounded onboarding experience to employers who post a job for the first time, regardless of whether or not they sponsor or close their job.


Redesign and rewrite the entire experience in order to align with Indeed's new brand guidelines and tone of voice.


Design with accessibility as a priority.



This journey takes place over an employer's first 90 days, so we aimed to build habits with new employers by describing the value of sponsoring, supporting them in other channels, describing what is possible in the product, raising awareness of Indeed’s offerings, and hoping they experience our partnership.



The experience consists of new content designed with accessibility and responsiveness as major priorities. These are just a small sampling of the 60 emails we created using a team library of modules in Figma.

To view the Figma prototypes, please view this page on a desktop device.