is the company's employee recruitment hub. One can search for open jobs, read the employee-run blog, and learn all about the benefits of working for the world's #1 job site.

Copy by Bo Fahs


The existing site had been piecemealed together over time which resulted in a confusing and fragmented user experience. We needed to do a complete overhaul of the structure of the site, as well as the microsites nested within.

Project Goals


Make it easier for users to find jobs at Indeed and other content they need by reorganizing the site structure.


Reduce the overall amount of pages by embedding relevant info within individual job post pages.


Create a cohesive experience by pulling from the new brand guidelines as well as the product.


Reflect Indeed's commitment to diversity and inclusion by allocating an entire page for that content.


After researching other global tech companies' employee recruitment websites, we began reorganizing the existing experience to be more streamlined. Then we took a modular approach to create the pages using elements from other recently designed marketing websites for consistency.


We presented clickable wireframes to the stakeholders and once we got their approval, we moved into the design stage which was where we added the bulk of the styling.

To view the Figma prototypes, please view this page on a desktop device.

Live Website

This was the first website to use the newly rolled-out brand guidelines, so sometimes it felt like we were building the ship as we were sailing in it.

The handoff process to the developer was very intensive and involved me giving lots of feedback in order to get the live website to match the designs as closely as possible in our timeframe.