Indeed Interactive 2021

This year at Indeed Interactive, talent leaders from around the globe converged to reimagine the future of recruiting and hiring via a virtual half-day event in mid-June. I helped create the Interactive brand package that built recognition and equity grounded in Indeed's new brand.

Direction by Shay Grabowski, Co-designed with Sarah Dilts, Website development by VIVA



I designed 16 sets of social ads based on content variables used in previous events and predictions that our team made for this year's event. We used blue for most of the ads to build recognition, while also giving a few opportunities to use the secondary palette colors to avoid fatigue on certain platforms.



I designed 2 sets of display ads: One with a photo and one with pure graphics. The goal of these display ads was to lean into the main blue color of the event so that these ads would stand out more prominently in most web environments which tend to have a white background.


Emails were sent out in order to increase registration, offer up helpful resources and information in preparation for the event, and facilitate utility-oriented interactions such as changing a password. The designs were based on our team's main email library (that I also designed) with this year's Interactive branding applied.



Because there were 15 batches of graphics across 12+ languages, the social, display, and email templates were designed beforehand and set up in a team library so that content could easily be switched out.



The Interactive website is where hiring professionals can go and learn about the event and register for it. I also designed pre-event and post-event versions of the website.

To view the Figma prototypes, please view this page on a desktop device.