Indeed Sans

Indeed Sans is a custom typeface designed in collaboration with multiple internal teams and the renowned type foundry, Dalton Maag, as a part of Indeed's new brand identity. My role was to be the representative for the Marketing team from start to finish in order to inform the process and ensure that Indeed Sans would work for our team's specific needs.

Typeface by Dalton Maag, Lead design by Carl Bean-Larson, Direction by Dave Nguyen and Greta Mantooth



In our initial meetings with Dalton Maag, we explained Indeed's mission so they would have a thorough understanding of our company's story and objectives. Then, we assigned words that best describe Indeed's tone to kick off the initial typeface explorations.

The core qualities we wanted to communicate were: authenticity, empathy, expertise, and optimism.



To prepare for the incoming initial typeface explorations from Dalton Maag, I pulled Marketing templates, gathered common words and phrases that my team uses, and took stock of which software programs we use to see if there were any limitations with applying a custom font.

Doing this work upfront proved very helpful because once we started receiving drafts from Dalton Maag, we had all the tools and info we needed to start testing.



Once we aligned on the overall direction for the typeface, we began an iterative, weekly review process. I contributed to the rounds of reviews by meeting with Carl and with my team and to discuss thoughts and document feedback in a shared Figma file which was then provided to Dalton Maag for guidance.



The new typeface we developed is a contemporary, humanist sans serif in five weights with true italics. We workshopped to ideate and debate name ideas but ultimately decided on Indeed Sans for its straightforwardness.

Indeed Sans was rolled out in February 2021 and it has already proven to be an incredibly valuable brand element in helping to tell Indeed's story across product and marketing experiences. I can't wait to see the innovative ways in which Indeed Sans will be implemented in the future.


"We were aiming to create an accessible typeface family that embodies the empathy and optimism that sits at the heart of Indeed’s culture — we think Indeed Sans supports the new brand system wonderfully."

—Bianca Berning, Creative Director at Dalton Maag